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Primary School

Animal Classification, Birds and Insects, their Homes and Young Ones,LandForms, Taking Care Of Our Body, Food and Its Source,Family Tree, Pronoun, Comprehension and Describing Words, Seasons/Weather, Counting and Skip Counting, Addition – Single Digit, on a Number Line, Object, Geometric Shapes, Subtraction – Single Digit, on a Number Line and Object, Picture / Reading Comprehension.

Counting, Position, Comparing Numbers,Life Cycle Of Plants and their Types, Parts Of Speech, Opposites, Inventions that Changed the World, Types of Animal and their Homes, Noun, Shapes, Types Of Animal, Flowers, Parts Of Body, Nutrients, Tens and Ones, Addition, Subtraction, Addition by Breakup Method Along With Lots of Practice Worksheets for Conceptual Clarity. Healthy Food, Types of Fruits and Vegetables and their benefits.

Understanding the clock leading to the concept of year, month, week, day, hours, minutes and seconds, Ascending, descending order and comparing numbers, smallest and biggest, tables from 1-9, Unit of measure, ordinals and roman number, Word problem, Understanding direction and positioning, India – Map – states – UT – their Capitals and neighboring countries, Calendar, leap year and seasons of the year, Parts of speech – noun, pronoun, sentences, singular, plural, verbs and gender, Comparing numbers and place value of number, English language comprehension, Pronoun, Tips and tricks for addition, subtraction and multiplication along with practice sheets, Animal world and their types, changes of form, material, Plants and their types.

Oceans and Continent, Life cycle of Fish and Frog, Basic needs and classification of living thing, Adjective, Article, Antonym, Synonym, Homonym, Analogy, Similes and metaphors, Number system, concept of long and short, Multiplication, Comprehension,Types of sentence,Nutrition and types, Addition and Subtraction, Tricks and Tips of Addition, subtraction, word problem.

Middle School

Grade 5: National Identity Elements, Seasons, States, UT’s And Their National Elements, Report Writing, Sense Organs, Digestion, Food and Health, Deficiency Diseases, Rocks and Mineral, the skeletal system, Shapes and Angles, Rounding Off, Place Value Chart, Numbering system, Roman Numbers, prime factorization, LCM, HCF and Factors, Comprehension, Type of Noun, Pronoun, Subject and Predicate, proverbs, Idioms, Practice worksheets of Grammar and Mathematics (Addition and Subtraction).

Bharat Ratna Awardees and There Details, Food, Food Chain, Source of Food, Components of Food, Balanced Diet. Fiber to Fabric, Types Of Fabric, Types of Plants and Animals, Methods Of Separating Substance, Comprehension, Subject & Predicate, Message Writing, Articles Practice Sheets, Concepts Of HCF &LCM, Properties Of Subtraction, Multiplication And Division, Numbers – Even And Odd, Prime And Composite Number Along With Practice Sheet For Individual Concept, Nouns, Countable And Uncountable, Integers, Properties Of Addition And Subtraction, Measurements And Motion.

Comprehension, Types of Tense, Phrase, Report Writing, Message Writing, Gender, Noun, Plants, Photosynthesis, Nutrition in Humans, Plants and Animals, Types Of Fabric, Life Cycle Of Silkworm, Heat And Cold, Expansion Of Gas, Heat And Solids. Thermometer and Its Types, Transfer of Heat, Convection of Heat, Radiation of Heat, Fraction, Addition and Subtraction in Fraction, Integers, Multiplication and Division, Types of Angles, Transversals.

High School

: Integers, Rational Numbers, Algebraic Expressions, Mensuration, One Variable Equations, Monomials, Polynomials, Factorization And Types Of Graphs, Force And Pressure, Friction, Sound, Stars And Solar System, Microorganism, Cell Structure And Function, Light, Chemical Effects Of Electric Current,  Types Of  Materials, Reproduction In Animals, Coal And Petroleum, Comprehension, Grammar, GK.

Nature And Behaviours Of Matter, Classification Living World, Motion Force And Work, Environment And Food Production, Number System, Polynomials, Euclid’s Geometry, Lines And Angles, Triangles, Coordinate Geometry, Linear Equations In 2 Variables, Quadrilaterals, Area, Circle, Construction Statistics, Comprehension, Grammar.

Linear Equation In Two Variables, Periodic Table, Quadratic Equations, Chemical Reactions And Related Equations, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Reproductive System, Cell Biology, Animal Classification, Heredity And Evolution, Life Processes, Metallurgy, Carbon Compounds, Lenses, Circles And Triangles, Construction, Lines And Coordinate Geometry, Comprehension Form The Boards Perspective, Grammar.

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