Grade 3 – (Set of 10 Books)


For conceptual understanding of Maths, Science, English, GK based on CBSE,State Board and ICSE syllabus. WorkBooks for Self Learning.

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Acumen Today is based on SiMeCoReTM methodology which focuses on Simplified Learning, Meaningful Learning, Conceptual Learning and Reinforced Learning, 1.Understanding the Clock Leading to the Concept of Year, Month, Week, Day, Hours, Fresh Water, Minutes and Seconds, Solar System. 2. Ascending, Descending Order and Comparing Numbers, Smallest and Biggest, Tables From 1-9. 3. Unit of Measure, Ordinals and Roman Number, Money Word Problem. 4. Understanding Direction and Positioning . 5. India – Map ? states ? UT ? Capitals and Neighboring Countries, Calendar, Leap Year and Seasons of the Year. 6. Parts of Speech ? Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Sentences, Singular, Plural, Verbs and Gender. 7. Comparing Numbers and Place Value of Number. 8. English Language Comprehension, Article, Homophone, Pronoun. 9.Tips And Tricks For Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division along With Practice Sheets. 10. Animal World and their Types, Changes of Form, Material, Moon.Your child is here to achieve, lets work together in making that happen!

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