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Grade 1 – (Set of 5 Books)


For conceptual understanding of Maths, Science, English, GK based on CBSE,State Board and ICSE syllabus. WorkBooks for Self Learning.

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Acumen Today is based on SiMeCoReTM methodology which focuses on Simplified Learning, Meaningful Learning, Conceptual Learning and Reinforced Learning, We have developed a series of 10 books which covers and slowly builds the concepts recommended by reputed boards of India. Each book is planned in a way to be covered/finished in a months? time to accommodate the next volume. We intentionally do not follow a structured approach nor added Table of Content to build an element of surprise. This set of 3 books focuses on the concepts that a 1th Grader should know. Concepts covered in Bundle 1 & 2 are: 1. Animal Classification, Birds and Insects, Animal homes and young ones, People who help us. 2. Land forms, Taking care of our body, Food and its Source. 3. Family Tree, Pronoun, Punctuation Mark, Capitalization, Homophones, Synonyms, Antonyms, Silent Letters and Describing Words. 4. Seasons/Weather, Types of Transportation, Walter Disney, Our Festivals and Celebrations 5. Counting and Skip Counting, Table, Shapes Subtraction. 6. Single digit Addition, Addition on a Number line, Object Addition, Geometric shapes. 7. Single digit Subtraction, Subtraction on a Number line, Object Subtraction, How to Handle Money. 8. Picture / Reading Comprehension. Our attempt at Conceptual Learning through Simplified Learning leading to Problem Solving is the result in all our book.

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