Children are seen as inherently curious and learning driven. Thus, education is viewed as a process which should occur in harmony with the child’s individual developmental pace. It is a holistic approach emphasizing all aspects of development, rather than on attaining specific pieces of information.

Learning is a Continuous Process!

We want to make the learning experience enriching and the process of learning more fruitful. For this, we have developed the methodology of SiMeCoRe.

SiMeCoRe Methodology is an aggregation of Simplified, Meaningful, Conceptual, and Reinforced Learning which will result into development of Critical Thinking, Logical Thinking, Reasoning and Problem-solving Skills.


  • Simplified Learning will aid Meaningful Learning
  • Meaningful Learning will aid Conceptual Learning
  • Conceptual Learning will aid Critical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking will aid Logical Thinking


  • Logical Thinking will aid Reasoning
  • Reasoning will aid Intelligence
  • Intelligence will aid Problem Solving
  • Problem Solving skills are Need of the Hour