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Grade 4 – (Set of 3 Books)


For conceptual understanding of Maths, Science, English, GK based on CBSE,State Board and ICSE syllabus. WorkBooks for Self Learning.

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We are into inculcating the habit of reading, learning and correlating the concepts in a simplified, meaningful and enforced manner. We intentionally do not follow a structured approach while we structure the understanding of the concepts by the children in a holistic manner as Math, Science and English go hand in hand. While we have a lot of content/ topics/ subjects and concepts covered, keeping in mind the intelligence of the children, we have not listed the table of content to enable them to go through all the pages and in turn build an element of surprise and an overall development of their skills. We work around the subjects such as Math, Science and English that needs conceptual understanding which would be helpful throughout their career path. We have developed a series of 10 books which covers and slowly builds the concepts recommended by reputed boards of India. Hence each book is planned in a way to be covered/finished in a months? time to accommodate the next volume which would further strengthen the conceptual understanding. Through simplified visuals we intend to make the whole learning experience Meaningful and Fun!! This set of 3 books focuses on the concepts that a 1st graders (3rd std) should know. Concepts covered are: 1. Oceans and Continent. 2. Life cycle of Fish and Frog. 3.Basic needs and classification of living thing. 4.Adjective, Article, Antonym, Synonym, Homonym, Analogy, Similes and metaphors. 5. Number system, concept of long and short, Multiplication. 6.Comprehension, Types of sentence, Nutrition and types. 7.Addition and Subtraction, Tricks and Tips of Addition, subtraction, word problem.

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