SR KG – General Awareness – Practice Book


Designed specifically for the Senior KG kids. This book helps the children to explore, capture and understand the basics Science, Social Science. We have specifically given importance in basic values like respecting elders, environment, good habits, Social skills etc.

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This book covers the age appropriate awareness of self, builds the right behavioral skills and values through activities and play & learn, Learn through fun manner. A must have for every child!
From knowing different body part of self and a few animals to knowing the different transport modes, methods and their uses to healthy eating habits – its all covered in this book.
Sense Organs, Animal Habitat, Feelings and Emotions, places of worship, Healthy habits, Road safety habits and whole lot of activities around each of these is covered in this book.
All about me and my surrounding, my senses, community helpers and their tools and services, transport, types of vehicles, drivers, Safety of home, Road, etc. , types of animals – Herbivorous- Carnivorous- Omnivorous, Unique features of animals, useful animals, types of houses, seasons…..and much more. Filled with lots of fun activities, full of colors.
Easy to Understand. Builds interest in learning.