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Grade 9 – (Set of 3 Books)


For conceptual understanding of Maths, Science, English, GK based on CBSE,State Board and ICSE syllabus. WorkBooks for Self Learning.

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Acumen Today is based on SiMeCoReTM methodology which focuses on Simplified Learning, Meaningful Learning, Conceptual Learning and Reinforced Learning. Through these books we try to make the basic concepts clear and build a strong foundation for grade 10. We include few concepts of grade 8 which are necessary for grade 9 and 10 and then work on the concepts of grade 9. Each book is planned in a way to be covered in a months? time. To make the learning fun and interesting we have used the simplified visuals and illustrations, tricky methods, tables, flow charts, diagrams etc. For reinforcing concepts we have given simple exercises which children will find interesting. Concepts covered in first set of books are 1. Introduction to Euclid?s Geometry 2. Co ? ordinate Geometry 3. Matter and composition of Matter 4. Punctuation 5. Nature of Matter 6. Lines and Angles 6. Question Tag 7. Sets & Operations on sets 8. Separation of Mixture 9. Changing Degree of a Sentence

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